46kg marijuana seized in Ranpur, Barisal

RAB, police arrest five people during raids

The contraband marijuana weighed 46kg and was confiscated during separate drives by the elite police force Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) in Rangpur and Barisal police within the last 24 hours.

The law enforcement officers took five drug dealers into custody as part of the seizure . They were brought before the courts.

The city of Rangpur, RAB recovered 40kg marijuana from a van that was covered in Durgapur region of Mithapukur upazila along the Dhaka-Rangpur Highway , on Saturday night.

Assistant Director (media Wing) from Rangpur RAB-13 Flight Lieutenant Mahmud Bashir confirmed the issue.

The two arrested suspects include Md Raja Milia and Mijanur Rahman, from Comilla. In the initial interrogation, they confessed being involved in dealing in drugs along with other. The RA official informed them that they will take all the members of the group.

RAB has initiated a narcotics investigation against the pair. The duo were later sentenced to prison by an appeals judge on Sunday.

In Barisal the police detained three individuals, along carrying 6.1kg marijuana, in the Raypotri region in Torki Port in Gournadi municipality.

The suspects are Arman Sardar from the Sundordi region from Gouronodi municipality, Khokon Bepari of Boro Kashba region and Merina Begum from Jajira village in Kalkini upazila.

The Sub Inspector Khairul Alam filed a drugs case against four individuals on Sunday. He brought the three defendants before a judge at noon on Sunday. The court sentenced the trio to prison pending an investigation.

Gournadi police station officer-in-charge Afzal Hossain claimed that based on confidential data, an operation supervised by SI Khairul Alam was executed at around 5:30 pm on Sunday. As soon as the police were aware of the presence of police an individual dealer left the scene.



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